About Trish

Born in Manila. Raised in L.A. 80s baby, 90s kid.

Only daughter to Jess Martin and Ludi Santos, both of whom hail from the Province of Tarlac, on the Island of Luzon, Philippines. 100% Ilokano. Named Trisia in honor of grandmothers Trinidad and Dionisia.

Wife to childhood sweetheart, Jeffrey. Mother to four: Arielle, Isaac, Elias, and Madeline. Sister to Dino and Jesse (RIP).

Significant chapters of my story include my immigrant experience in childhood (immigrated to the U.S. at the tender age of 3), teenage pregnancy and motherhood, entrepreneurship, sacred unions, sacred separations, seeking Kapwa. And all this to say that food is the constant that continues to transform and shape the story with so much color, flavor, and love.

As a child, cooking was my top pastime. From watching my Dad tear it up in the kitchen to experimenting on my own, I was and still am so passionate about the process. Then food transformed to an obligation of love when my first-born daughter arrived. Barely 17 and breastfeeding, I woke up real quick to the significance of nutrition and became keenly aware of and learned to appreciate my ancestral ways of cooking and eating. Since then, Motherhood continues to inspire delicious and nutritious meals for my family, while also honoring our culture and giving thanks.

There’s a lot more to this story: past, present, and future. Also many more folks and traditions that deserve to be recognized and honored along the way. My intention with this space is to share and gather all of the above, with hopes that you will savor the story and taste the love.